Toilet Plume

With a lid the loo
can not spread the germs airborne
and no plume abides


coughing up green chunks
really should cover my mouth
gave germs to my spouse

Your Training Sucks

Alma migration
Incomprehensible hell
Non-linear shit

Purple Light Bulb

Bob drank a lot of wine

Bob found his Amazon account after

Bob is the proud owner of 110 disposable frosting decorating bags, a purple light bulb, and a set of 8 tear drop cookie cutters

Don’t be like Bob unless you need a purple light bulb.

8 AM follow up

ER hospital
unplug cat. have appointment
sigh.  They don’t trust me

This year sucks. already

nope. not having it
You can’t have Prince and Doris
not in the same week

Performance Anxiety

fitbit anxiousness
must go upstairs to do what?
fuck you, eating cheese

Get off my lawn

I forgot my point
What was I yammering on
about? Off my lawn.

I win, Cancer

Saw doctor today
No recurrence in 3 years
Me, 1 – Cancer, zilch

I’m getting Old.

accidental blog
over sixteen years of rage
totally don’t care?