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I win, Cancer

Saw doctor today
No recurrence in 3 years
Me, 1 – Cancer, zilch

It’s Only Cute When You’re Four

Small child with gas

Now laughing uncontrollably

He says it tickles


Guess We’re Not Good Enough for You Now

Committee selects speaker

Speaker gets shiny new job

Back to drawing board

Pointing Fingers

Website is their job

We have quantified the suck

Meeting should go well

That taint right

Damn librarian
Taught the Dean a few new words
Please don’t google that


Body hair issues
not normally talked about
with your Dean, at lunch.

nuggets of joy

Pushing the nugget
Is part of your job, says Dean
I try not to weep

Why would you ask that?

Yay! We’re expecting!
Told the boss the happy news
Was it planned? She asked

Did she check?

Boss says coworker
Must have a stick up his ass
How do I respond?

Bitter much?

Coworker tells me
I’m not twenty anymore
Thanks, you old biddy