Author Archives: Magnificent Spaz

thanks, really

best words ever heard
“you are no longer needed”
a guilt free exit

plop tits here

downtown for pizza
lean over in v-neck shirt
get free garlic knots

no straight jacket this week, thanks

It’s been a good week
coworkers have all their limbs
my meds are working

curse or blessing?

it’s that time again.
yearly evaluation
will i be set free?

where’s my CV?

i really should leave
job enjoyment vanished
back stabbed too much


denial begins
despair follows soon after
(i still miss you mom)

Blazing arses

tasty texas hots
shouldn’t eat them every day
bowels will revolt

wtf is that noise?

library patron
has musical hearing aid
making high pitch din

librarian with pms

it’s greek study night
squeals of vapid joy fill the air
where is my mallet?

vomit stew

i like to soak pots
water and food starts to grow
days pass, sludge rippens