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I’m a team player….

time to find a job
team building activities
T.V discussion

Frozen Shitmobile

fling chunks across yard
hack ice off windows and doors
don’t care about dents

Please, can I open a window?

house sealed for winter
visible stink miasma
devil’s spawn fear us


chevy shitmobile
dislikes inclement weather
slide into ditch now


snow blankets the ground
gently falling, so peaceful
think I’ll stay inside

Guilty Conscious

vertebrae broken
one healed with no one knowing
pain killer junkie

Should have known better
could have forced her to listen
should have could have failed

not ready for this

mom having melt down
believes news crews follow her
don’t know what to do

She’s in hospital
psych evaluation soon
snow-balled them before

Electricity is a bitch

remember to save
Power is a cruel mistress
work gone with one fuse

Helloooo Cop, what you lookin at?

lizard brain shopping
cat needs, sugar needs, caffeine….
what you looking at?

cat litter, pop tarts
milk for the morning coffee
bases are covered

stagger home one block
open front door up the stairs
milk in fridge, face plant

I tried to listen

new temp position
explanation of duties
mind wanders away