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Failure to communicate

what about demo
don’t you fricking understand
put my code up now


Joy of not working
becoming one with my couch
I need cheese and beer

no straight jacket this week, thanks

It’s been a good week
coworkers have all their limbs
my meds are working

where’s my CV?

i really should leave
job enjoyment vanished
back stabbed too much

I’m free!

Gave notice today
Packed up office months ago
Good bye to Cortland

librarian with pms

it’s greek study night
squeals of vapid joy fill the air
where is my mallet?

I’m a team player….

time to find a job
team building activities
T.V discussion


snow blankets the ground
gently falling, so peaceful
think I’ll stay inside


family crisis
causes blood pressure to rise
drinking fixes this

call 311 or go to bed

below freezing out
it used to be warm inside
heat turned off at ten