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coughing up green chunks
really should cover my mouth
gave germs to my spouse

Get off my lawn

I forgot my point
What was I yammering on
about? Off my lawn.

Election time

Presidential race
Colossal assholes roam free
I am over it


(from march 25)

Coffee break

legless coffee pot
walking down the hall all day
wait – that’s my bladder

gritty eyes

reminder to self
+4 allergic to the cats
Wash hands before itch

plop tits here

downtown for pizza
lean over in v-neck shirt
get free garlic knots

feel it

My shitty haiku
has been posted on the web.
I’m king for a day!

vomit stew

i like to soak pots
water and food starts to grow
days pass, sludge rippens


password frustration
can’t remember try to guess
fail secret question

Rant bubbles in head
laptops stolen from cars but
I’m saved from myself

oops, was that me?

noisy intestines
gas at the reference desk
should i let one fly?