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a bit bored

brainless at ref desk

staring at the wall all day

remember to blink

large office window

ok, where was i?
web page, snow, code, dirty glass
oooo, people outside


getting directions
mind wanders off to no where
silver is shiny

So, Any questions? Headhunter leads suck sometimes.

Job interview spaz
Going well, seem to get along
Wait, why am I here?


sore throat from coughing
green stuff in lungs and sinus
should i go to work?

coding hell

SQL phrase tanked
‘object not found’, yet again
bang head on table

check expiration dates

running a fever
the stomach gurgles and churns
ate something funky


changed stylesheet
paragraph tags less bloated
even in i.e.


upgraded wordpress
wiped out all former posts
thankful for backups

throw a few dollars my way

pullover jacket
remove before a meeting
flash networking guys