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too busy?

shooting late last night
wedding clients knock on door
still in pajamas

pill minder only works for pills

pill minder fails oft
look for spit on inhaler
to see if just puffed

nightly ritual

OCD, did I?
no I didn’t, yes I did
should keep pill minder

backtrack: unlock door
beer cigarette donut cat
nope did not take pills

slow thoughts

all blood flows downward
nutrients do not reach brain
thought processes slow

word challenge

math skills are for shit
calculator will save me
I can’t type either

face plant

no wall can stop me
when walking, face plant in wall
wake up giggleing

got up to take piss
closed door to keep bill asleep
forget, slam into door

my nighttime problem
walking with eyes not open
need bell on door knob

ass zits

when treating ass zits
do not scrub with pumice stone
now it hurts to sit

apple juice

I remember why
I do not drink apple juice
nearly shit my pants


bruise on my forearm
solid lump of dead blood cells
how did it get there?


maturity flees
nothing gives such glee as the