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Toilet Plume

With a lid the loo
can not spread the germs airborne
and no plume abides

It’s Only Cute When You’re Four

Small child with gas

Now laughing uncontrollably

He says it tickles


bouncy balls

olympic races
jiggling junk in tight trunks
best seen in slo-mo

Nature Watching

hello mister hawk
is that a squirrel you have
pretty sure its dead


you can feast on it
you can mold it into shapes
it can repair walls

Frozen Shitmobile

fling chunks across yard
hack ice off windows and doors
don’t care about dents

oops, was that me?

noisy intestines
gas at the reference desk
should i let one fly?


getting directions
mind wanders off to no where
silver is shiny


Sometimes I notice
that the hair on my forearms
is really too long

Time for new computer

Ominous ticking
hair dryer blows dust away
does nothing to help