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coughing up green chunks
really should cover my mouth
gave germs to my spouse

Fuck you, new season.

spring, bringer of sneeze
toilet paper nose tampon

Cycle advice

If period late
wear favorite underwear
works every time

bouncy balls

olympic races
jiggling junk in tight trunks
best seen in slo-mo

human biology 101

in front of the crack
what should i call the darn thing
teabag or nut sac?


Body hair issues
not normally talked about
with your Dean, at lunch.


gassy air abound
Smells that scare small animals
Burritos revenge

Every shit you take

job creates poop piles

I move them away from me

they always return

Please, can I open a window?

house sealed for winter
visible stink miasma
devil’s spawn fear us

oops, was that me?

noisy intestines
gas at the reference desk
should i let one fly?