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bowel knots

for days been on can
movements are fast and fluid
the corn floats freely

Decisions Decisions

panties from the gap
looked wedgie proof in the store
up my ass right now

no clean underwear
except others made like this
I have five days worth

Feeling damn good

Post flu phlegm-a-thon
stuck in my throat like cement
shhhhhhnorking does no good


do not lift butt cheek
in company of others
odors not welcome

sweaty work place

no ac at work
in office in wife beater
collecting boob sweat

break wind

quiet in the stacks
ah, loud fart in library
into stale silence


its cycle day five
forgot to use a tampon
underwear a mess

hurray for year round allergies

winter dry again
awaken when nose erupts
a blood volcano


about to take dump
someone walks into bathroom
my rectum slams shut

picking or dry air?

blood crust on my hands
nose trickles blood while sleeping
humidity low