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Work Wear Don’ts

Should not be allowed
Sybil, again in cat suit
Making my eyes burn

Cycle advice

If period late
wear favorite underwear
works every time

plop tits here

downtown for pizza
lean over in v-neck shirt
get free garlic knots

billowy, voluminous

big granny panties
billowy, voluminous
dwarfing my poor ass

get x-rays

abscess caused no pain
root canal was less than fun
gold crown is shiny

Clogs suck

shiny ugly clogs
if you buy another pair
I will kick your ass

Spending priorities

worn jeans for a year
should buy a new pair or two
bought purple clogs first

under pants

once every four weeks
comfort comes before fashion
granny pants appear

Glorious Granny Panties

down around my knees
lace riding over my pants
and a wedgie too

my eyes are watering

I have smelly pants
jeans I haven’t washed in weeks
I’m wearing them now

My shoes are bad too
stink is nearly visible
you stay away now