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Failure to communicate

what about demo
don’t you fricking understand
put my code up now

visual basic hell

asp struggles
if integer equals blah
mind thrown for a loop

coding hell

SQL phrase tanked
‘object not found’, yet again
bang head on table

paper weight

running a program
makes stupid computer smoke
ebay has better

Time for new computer

Ominous ticking
hair dryer blows dust away
does nothing to help

Ink is cool

Green uniball pen
makes sloppy handwriting cool
so I tell myself

The computer, she is old

Shit, bluescreen of death
new computer is needed
stronger, faster games

that would suck

“Grind, Grind” goes hard drive
best back up cat photos now
much suckage to lose


changed stylesheet
paragraph tags less bloated
even in i.e.

WP crap editor

why does the upgrade
use a crappy WYSIWYG box?
hand coding less work