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upgraded wordpress
wiped out all former posts
thankful for backups

Is your internet down?

internet assburp
network has indigestion
booted from I.M.


gnome blog and word press
will they connect and add post?
this nerd would rejoice

log off dumbass

try to remember
when using remote desktop
log off of server

terribly nerdy

way too much time spent
i’ve been terribly nerdy
been tagging badku

microsoft sucks

computers reboot
virus caused great harm
microsoft sucks hard


linux on laptop
where is the wireless card?
compile driver

xp sp2

home network works well
update to service pack two
what will it destroy?

slow posting

sorry slow posting
obsessive web page coding
took over brain waves


coding frantically
must learn stylesheet layout
no nested tables

learning stylesheets
i want to be a codeho
stop using tables