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Toilet Plume

With a lid the loo
can not spread the germs airborne
and no plume abides

Purple Light Bulb

Bob drank a lot of wine

Bob found his Amazon account after

Bob is the proud owner of 110 disposable frosting decorating bags, a purple light bulb, and a set of 8 tear drop cookie cutters

Don’t be like Bob unless you need a purple light bulb.

Work Wear Don’ts

Should not be allowed
Sybil, again in cat suit
Making my eyes burn

human biology 101

in front of the crack
what should i call the darn thing
teabag or nut sac?


My basketball shoes
Disappeared into thin air…
The Underpants Gnomes?

Where are you birdy?

Dearest cardinal
I hear you singing somewhere
Sad can’t see you though

Nature Watching

hello mister hawk
is that a squirrel you have
pretty sure its dead

dlsc minutes

I do everything
Our toes are over the edge
We can’t support that

A “C” is top notch
Students fall into a bin
Move everyone up

Push out the data
Wink is good, Wack is better
Is that realistic?

It’s not optional
It’s required or it’s not
Do we value it?

You can customize
The numbers don’t support that
We have twelve of those

house guest

bird in the dryer
critters in the effing wall
is this still my house?

fun with technology

Cell phone nearly dead
Powerbook has shit the bed
Bad tech week for me