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stinky library

seventies building
contains poor ventilation
fetid odors stay

Please, can I open a window?

house sealed for winter
visible stink miasma
devil’s spawn fear us

lazy hygiene

don’t always shower
i am not a bad person
just a smelly one


need to do dishes
too lazy to run water
starting to fester

My face hurts

bloody snot rocket
cleared from sinus in shower
the flu goes down drain


shower before work
despite a scrubbing with soap
my armpits still smell

sweaty work place

no ac at work
in office in wife beater
collecting boob sweat


its cycle day five
forgot to use a tampon
underwear a mess

my eyes are watering

I have smelly pants
jeans I haven’t washed in weeks
I’m wearing them now

My shoes are bad too
stink is nearly visible
you stay away now

fat mouse

dead mouse behind fridge
shows no cat caused injury
where did it come from

pick up with dust pan
and ten empty plastic bags
still want a bleach bath