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It’s Only Cute When You’re Four

Small child with gas

Now laughing uncontrollably

He says it tickles



many expulsions
blast the toilet apart
karen had lactose


ate curry last night
late hour meal too spicy
tums not helping

Blazing arses

tasty texas hots
shouldn’t eat them every day
bowels will revolt


gassy air abound
Smells that scare small animals
Burritos revenge

oops, was that me?

noisy intestines
gas at the reference desk
should i let one fly?

bowel knots

for days been on can
movements are fast and fluid
the corn floats freely

three day fartathon

i ate some garlic

well, maybe about a bulb

infinite gas cloud


do not lift butt cheek
in company of others
odors not welcome

check expiration dates

running a fever
the stomach gurgles and churns
ate something funky