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That taint right

Damn librarian
Taught the Dean a few new words
Please don’t google that


Failure to communicate

what about demo
don’t you fricking understand
put my code up now


Body hair issues
not normally talked about
with your Dean, at lunch.

dlsc minutes

I do everything
Our toes are over the edge
We can’t support that

A “C” is top notch
Students fall into a bin
Move everyone up

Push out the data
Wink is good, Wack is better
Is that realistic?

It’s not optional
It’s required or it’s not
Do we value it?

You can customize
The numbers don’t support that
We have twelve of those

Coffee break

legless coffee pot
walking down the hall all day
wait – that’s my bladder

nuggets of joy

Pushing the nugget
Is part of your job, says Dean
I try not to weep

thanks, really

best words ever heard
“you are no longer needed”
a guilt free exit