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Get off my lawn

I forgot my point
What was I yammering on
about? Off my lawn.

Who needs sleep?

Way too much coffee
I have so much to tell you
txt manifesto

Work Wear Don’ts

Should not be allowed
Sybil, again in cat suit
Making my eyes burn

no straight jacket this week, thanks

It’s been a good week
coworkers have all their limbs
my meds are working

wtf is that noise?

library patron
has musical hearing aid
making high pitch din

can you smell what the Rock is cookin?

rage descends at work
bash heads break bones maim maim maim
breathe, it’s 5 pm

Every shit you take

job creates poop piles

I move them away from me

they always return


password frustration
can’t remember try to guess
fail secret question

Rant bubbles in head
laptops stolen from cars but
I’m saved from myself

Please, can I open a window?

house sealed for winter
visible stink miasma
devil’s spawn fear us


family crisis
causes blood pressure to rise
drinking fixes this