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Guilty Conscious

vertebrae broken
one healed with no one knowing
pain killer junkie

Should have known better
could have forced her to listen
should have could have failed

not ready for this

mom having melt down
believes news crews follow her
don’t know what to do

She’s in hospital
psych evaluation soon
snow-balled them before


getting directions
mind wanders off to no where
silver is shiny

I am an asshole

Shame about Genny
Who on earth is this person
Should I care she’s dead?

red bull

red bull and vodka
shall soak up my misery
until I vomit

happy anniversary

a phone call from mom
bugs birds bugs legs bugs back bugs
fucking ornery


work can be stressful
coping needs maturity
mix booze and drugs well

Friends are free

fired therapist
she has become annoying
I have friends for that

i’m wearing what?

sleepy this morning
get dressed in a stupor
blue socks with brown shoes

Irritating Everyone

annoying myself
with my own whiny complaints
stay away from me