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coughing up green chunks
really should cover my mouth
gave germs to my spouse

My face hurts

bloody snot rocket
cleared from sinus in shower
the flu goes down drain

hurray for year round allergies

winter dry again
awaken when nose erupts
a blood volcano

picking or dry air?

blood crust on my hands
nose trickles blood while sleeping
humidity low

nose drips

night time allergy
rubbing nose while asleep
gush of blood wakes me

one bloody nostril
offends my sense of balance
why only the right?

nose drips blood and snot
take a shower, need to rest
I think I’ll stay home

snot streamers

depressureize face
blow cement from sinuses
can stop mouth breathing

attempt to clear nose
results in snot streamers
ears are blocked too

nose faucet

leaky nose faucet
wakes me with fresh moisture
gave myself nosebleed

desert nose

too much benedryl
desert nose itches again
rubbing makes nose bleed


projectile sneezing
clearing nasal passageways
of thick yellow phlegm