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call 311 or go to bed

below freezing out
it used to be warm inside
heat turned off at ten

My face hurts

bloody snot rocket
cleared from sinus in shower
the flu goes down drain

Feeling damn good

Post flu phlegm-a-thon
stuck in my throat like cement
shhhhhhnorking does no good

red bull

red bull and vodka
shall soak up my misery
until I vomit

check expiration dates

running a fever
the stomach gurgles and churns
ate something funky

captain america

cheap lying bastard
promised a Christmas bonus
he is full of shit

under pants

once every four weeks
comfort comes before fashion
granny pants appear

lazy vs. wedgie

underwear up ass
fills me with great discomfort
don’t want to get up

slow thoughts

all blood flows downward
nutrients do not reach brain
thought processes slow


migraine all day long
gibberish out my mouth comes
constipated brain