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Late Rent

first day of the month
occurred forgotten yesterday
where is the rent check?


at library stuff
large speaker calculator
same size as steven

last speaker of il05

last slot of the day
try to draw people from bars
heckled by bloggers

house smells

fire across the street
auto repair shop burns brightly
house smells like tires

st pats

green wearing morons
drunk all day at the parade
won’t notice my punch


dry air in hotel
sock feet walk across carpet
get shock from light switch

high school reunion

reunion countdown
twenty years have passed by
will i still hate them?


cat mortality
frank loses his super-fang
cry in my liquor


foggy out tonight
lane lines disappear often
where did the road go?

guardrail dent

winter is here
first guardrail dent seen today
cars sliding on road