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Election time

Presidential race
Colossal assholes roam free
I am over it


(from march 25)

house guest

bird in the dryer
critters in the effing wall
is this still my house?

no straight jacket this week, thanks

It’s been a good week
coworkers have all their limbs
my meds are working

does it have a window?

Told new boss I quit
Took it better than I thought
She wants my office


family crisis
causes blood pressure to rise
drinking fixes this

Guilty Conscious

vertebrae broken
one healed with no one knowing
pain killer junkie

Should have known better
could have forced her to listen
should have could have failed

not ready for this

mom having melt down
believes news crews follow her
don’t know what to do

She’s in hospital
psych evaluation soon
snow-balled them before

I am an asshole

Shame about Genny
Who on earth is this person
Should I care she’s dead?

Please tell me this won’t happen

High School Classmate crush
Mom’s physical therapist
are one and the same

Ink is cool

Green uniball pen
makes sloppy handwriting cool
so I tell myself