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Please, can I open a window?

house sealed for winter
visible stink miasma
devil’s spawn fear us

I tried to listen

new temp position
explanation of duties
mind wanders away

large office window

ok, where was i?
web page, snow, code, dirty glass
oooo, people outside


getting directions
mind wanders off to no where
silver is shiny

under pants

once every four weeks
comfort comes before fashion
granny pants appear

Glorious Granny Panties

down around my knees
lace riding over my pants
and a wedgie too

Dumping at Work

waiting patiently
for an empty staff bathroom
must expel foul odors

Who were the previous tenants?

the office bathroom
stains on walls, smells thick in air
prefer portajon

pill minder only works for pills

pill minder fails oft
look for spit on inhaler
to see if just puffed

nightly ritual

OCD, did I?
no I didn’t, yes I did
should keep pill minder

backtrack: unlock door
beer cigarette donut cat
nope did not take pills