Cycle advice

If period late
wear favorite underwear
works every time

bouncy balls

olympic races
jiggling junk in tight trunks
best seen in slo-mo

when did i become a help desk?

drive pen into eye
“let me google that for you”
will answer question

Pointing Fingers

Website is their job

We have quantified the suck

Meeting should go well

funky car smells

mole den in engine
robin shit bombed windows
time for a garage

human biology 101

in front of the crack
what should i call the darn thing
teabag or nut sac?

vocabulary lessons

working at a school
is about life-long learning
when to use such terms

That taint right

Damn librarian
Taught the Dean a few new words
Please don’t google that


My basketball shoes
Disappeared into thin air…
The Underpants Gnomes?

Where are you birdy?

Dearest cardinal
I hear you singing somewhere
Sad can’t see you though